About US

What Is Our Purpose

We are fortunate in Georgia to have a vibrant social studies community, a network of teachers, leaders, and advocates who unite across organizations and institutions and across the four domains of social studies. We have long enjoyed an active and vital Georgia Council for Social Studies (GCSS) organization, which unites us all, as well as collaborative and dynamic organizations that focus specifically on economics (Georgia Council on Economic Education-GCEE), civics (Georgia Center for Civic Education-GCCE), and geography (Georgia Geographic Alliance-GGA). What has been missing for a while has been an organization specific to those of us whose passion is in teaching and learning history. The Georgia Council for History Education (GCHE) is that missing piece.  Take a look at our mission statement and see if we are a fit for you.

Mission Statement

The Georgia Council for History Education fosters student engagement through the enrichment of teacher content knowledge by promoting current historical scholarship and dynamic instructional practices.